Celebrate the newest addition to your family with a Naming Ceremony. Also known as a naming day, this is a personal ceremony so that parents, families and friends can make promises to a new child, welcome a new member or recognise a new name or identity. 

Unlike a traditional Christening or Baptism, which is held in a religious venue, a Naming Ceremony can be held anywhere and forgo any religious content to focus on personal wishes of the family. But any desired blessings or hymns can still be included; I will work with you to tailor the ceremony for your family. 

This is a chance for hopes and wishes for the future to be expressed and symbolic gestures to care for the child to be made. Guide-parents can be named, memory boxes buried, trees planted, there are no restrictions and all family members - old or young - can be included.  

The one thing guaranteed is that memories will be made...