Hello, I'm Alice, a Family Celebrant based on the coast in Brighton & Hove, Sussex. Living so close to the sea has inspired me to create Siren Ceremonies, named for the mythical creatures that lure travellers into the waves with their song... 

Siren Ceremonies is for couples, families or individuals who want to create a ceremony that is personal to them. Regardless of beliefs or lifestyle I will work with you create an authentic and alternative wedding day, naming day or vow renewal that reflects who you are and tells your story. 

I have a particular interest in alternative ceremonies, the ones that aren't standard for all. I'd love to work with couples and families who want something different, all ideas, beliefs, spirituality and themes can be incorporated into your own Siren Ceremony.

I'm from a naval, coast-dwelling family and was born on the beach. After years spent at university and working in London, I too was lured back to the sea and am now lucky enough to swim in the surf most days or at least walk my dogs along the front. 

My background is in publicity, working creatively with clients and media, which means I am used to public speaking, presenting and coming up with ideas. I have also worked for the past decade as a freelance writer and love putting inspiring, creative or engaging copy together. 

At university I studied Pre-Raphaelite art and literature
and adore any romantic, mythical and Gothic work.

My dogs are my loves and I believe pets can be part of any family celebration.
I'm married with a young son and love wine, food, music, dancing 
and all the good things... 
and of course, being in the sea.


 I can't wait to talk to you about your ceremony.